Neuhaus: Move Orange County medical examiner’s office into permanent space


GOSHEN – The Orange County Medical Examiner’s Office is currently housed in modular facilities at the county’s Emergency Services Center in Goshen but County Executive Steven Neuhaus would like to see the office in a more permanent location.
He is looking at two options: one, to build facilities on the grounds of the 911 center and county jail/sheriff’s office, or to join forces with Touro medical college in Middletown. That could create a learning environment for medical students, which could open the way for a school for forensic science, the county executive said.
“What a perfect marriage to have students be able to train right there on forensics and learn while at the same time doing a service working with professionals,” Neuhaus said.  “It’s the best way for young students to learn.”
Any change in location and funding for it would require approval of the county legislature.

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