Kingston parking working group to be created

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KINGSTON – Mayor Steven
Noble announced that he is going to establish a parking working group
to gain community input as the planning moves forward to create strategies
to improve and expand parking infrastructure.

In his first year as mayor, Noble sad his administration has researched
strategies to improve and expand parking infrastructure, identify opportunities
to make parking more convenience, and develop plans to sustain the city’s
current parking infrastructure without increasing taxes.

“While we have made great progress on this issue by shifting closer
toward a user-based fee, this is a difficult issue, one which we all recognize
will not be resolved overnight,” the mayor said. “Instead,
it will take the time, energy and creativity of an entire community to
establish long term goals and strategies that work best for our city.”

The mayor’s work group will be tasked with discussing the short-term
and long-term options for improving the availability of parking, evaluating
the use and efficiency of current parking infrastructure, researching
and reviewing options to improve and maintain off-street lots and other
parking infrastructure without adding a burden to taxpayers, and offering
recommendations to be considered by the mayor and common council with
respect to proposed changes to the city’s parking management system.”

Applications to be considered for the task force can be found at