Latimer bill would require state to pay property taxes in Westchester


ALBANY – State Senator George Latimer (D, Port Chester) has introduced legislation that would require the state to pay property taxes on land it owns in Westchester County. The state currently pays property taxes on state-held land in Rockland and Putnam counties.
“Our property taxes are the highest in the state and the nation, and the residents of Westchester know first-hand how regressive the property tax is, and who it hits the hardest,” Latimer said. “Our state government owns and uses property all across this county, for purposes that serve all New Yorkers. It is only fair that the burden be spread across all New Yorkers.”
His proposed legislation would require the state to pay taxes on the land, but not on buildings and improvements erected on that land by the state.
“In the bigger picture, the randomness of how New York State is responsible for property taxes shows just how unfair our property tax system is,” Latimer said.  “But for the local communities affected by state land ownership, the impact is detrimental to their ability to provide services and education to our children.”