Larkin: Use new Walkway money for cops and firefighters, not welcome centers


Senator says fighting crime in Newburgh
would put the $5 million to better use

NEWBURGH – The newly announced $5 million state grant to build welcome centers on both sides of the Walkway Over the Hudson should be used for public safety instead, Senator William Larkin (R, Cornwall-on-Hudson) said.
Larkin, a law and order legislator said the money should be put to use fighting crime and fires.
“If you have that kind of money, why not give it to Newburgh to reinstate the firemen and policemen who are essential to public safety,” he said. “The Walkway Over is a very nice attractive thing, but when you tell me there is a choice of public safety or Walkway, I will take public safety any day.”
When Governor Cuomo came to Poughkeepsie to announce the Walkway projects, he said they were a “bold” initiative to continue to grow the Walkway as a major tourist attraction. 

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