Gibson sponsors bill to maintain Army and Marine levels


WASHINGTON – In light of what is going on around the world, notably in Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and the Islamic state, Congressman Christopher Gibson (R, NY19) introduced legislation to prevent a drawdown of ground troops – the Army and Marines – planned for 2018.
Gibson teamed up with Congressman Mike Turner (R, OH10) to introduce legislation to prevent a cutback. Gibson said “it remains evident that the Administration continues to jeopardize our military and our national security” by planning those reductions.
“We believe it is important to fulfill the principle of peace through strength; that we should not continue the drawdown which is planned for 2018 to take us lower in numbers; you would have to go all the way to pre-World War II to see the kind of numbers that are planned if the drawdown continues to 2018,” Gibson said.
The proposed legislation is being cosponsored by 14 Republicans and five Democrats in the House.