Newburgh native traumatized by storm-ravaged cruise

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Baldonis, on calmer seas. Not sure about taking another cruise.

NEWBURGH – Megan Rockafellow Baldoni, a native of the City of Newburgh, and her husband, Steve, are glad to be back on land safe and sound after their traumatizing voyage aboard the Royal Caribbean Anthem of the Sea, which was met by a massive storm this week.
“I don’t know if we will ever cruise again just because of how traumatic it was,” Mrs. Baldoni told
The couple, who was married just seven months ago and now lives in New Jersey, was confined to their stateroom for about 18 hours.
“The seas were so rough that we were holding on to the lamps that were bolted down so that we didn’t fly off our bed,” she said. “We got periodic updates from the captain and cruise director telling us where we were, what we were facing and what they were trying to do. The captain tried for hours to get the boat to face directly into the wind because we were getting such strong winds hitting the boat directly on the port side.”
Most of the damage they saw the next day was cosmetic, broken furniture, glass, ceiling tiles, Mrs. Baldoni said. “We were told there was no physical damage that compromised the seaworthiness of the ship.”
She said the ship’s master, Captain Claus Anderson, said they experienced 180 mph winds and 25-30 foot waves.
During the turmoil, the couple continued to have Internet service, so they were able to face-time with family members and text with friends. “We also had the Super Bowl on, though neither of us could pay attention to what was going on in the game.”