Second cabbie robbed in Ramapo in less than week

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HILLCREST – For the second
time in less than a week, a cab driver in the Town of Ramapo was robbed
with the same modus operandi used.

In the latest incident on Monday night shortly after 9 p.m., a cabbie
had picked up a suspect in front of the Brava Supermarket in Hillcrest
Plaza. When the cab reached Rensselaer Drive, the suspected bragged the
driver from behind and demanded cash. The driver was repeatedly punched
and had a substance sprayed in his eyes. The suspect then fled on foot.
The driver was treated at Nyack Hospital.

In the first incident, at the end of December, a suspect grabbed a cabbie
from behind and sprayed him with an unknown substance.

In both cases, the suspect fled. Anyone with information is asked to call
Town of Ramapo Police at 834-357-2400.