Poughkeepsie council fails to adopt meaningless resolution opposing zone change

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POUGHKEEPSIE – A memoralizing
resolution opposing a higher density zone for property owned by the Hudson
Valley Community Center failed to pass.  It would have carried no
weight, but still generated a lengthy debate at the Poughkeepsie Common
Council meeting.
At issue isHVCC’s request to rezone a lot at 110 South Grand Avenue
from R2 to R4, permitting a higher density of residential units.
The property is in Majority Leader Tracy Hermann’s Eighth Ward. 
Hermann thought the resolution, asking the Dutchess County Planning Department
to reconsider its support for the change, was a waste of time.
“This is a practice that I do not want to continue,” Lee
Klein said.  “This is deceptive and dishonest to the residents
of the city.  If you want my position on the Hudson Valley Community
Center, put it on the floor for a vote and I’ll tell you.”
With Chairman Chris Petsas absent, Hermann, Ann Perry, Joseph Rich and Robert Mallory voted for, with the other three council members president opposing. 
Five votes were needed so the motion failed, and nothing changes.  But, nothing would have changed anyway. 
The only council action on this issue that would have had any impact would have been for the council to approve a zone change.