Johnson wins Democratic line in Poughkeepsie mayoral race


Johnson: “… get to the root
of the problem.”

POUGHKEEPSIE – A tally of absentee ballots in the Democratic primary race for Poughkeepsie mayor puts Randy Johnson on top. He defeated Kenneth Levinson by 14 votes. Prior to the last count, they were tied at 549 votes.
Johnson will face Republican Robert Rolison in the general election in November.
If elected, Johnson said he will attempt to tackle the many woes facing the city. They include crime and the economy.
“You always have to get to the root of the problem, which is no jobs and no education, so you have to enhance that in order to cut down on the crime because you can always have crime,” he said.  “You can bring in thousands of police; that’s not going to solve the problem.”
Johnson is a former Poughkeepsie School Board member. Rolison is chairman of the Dutchess County Legislature.

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