Stewart has many growth opportunities, says ESD leader

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NEW WINDSOR – The governor may have recently said he wanted to grow Stewart Airport as a cargo hub to take the pressure off the New York City airports.
That may be one component of the Newburgh area airport’s growth potential,
but not the only one, said Howard Zemsky, president and commissioner of
New York’s Empire State Development Corporation.
“Cargo is an opportunity but there are a lot of opportunities so we are focused on marketing the property for aviation purposes and also the opportunity for non-aviation purposes, so we are not putting our eggs in any one basket, but of course, with the size of the cargo market in the greater metropolitan area we want to use all of our airport infrastructure wisely and productively and Stewart is obviously an important component of our airport infrastructure for New York,” he said.
Zemsky told a conference at the airport on Thursday that the Mid-Hudson Valley is one of the “all-star” regions in New York in terms of economic development.