SPCA of Westchester arrests woman for animal cruelty


BRIARCLIFF MANOR – The SPCA of Westchester has arrested a North White Plains woman on a charge that she dumped a severely neglected dog at the Valhalla Animal Hospital on the evening of June 18.
According to SPCA Humane Law Enforcement Unit Director Ernest Lungaro, Jean Regan, 58, was charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty and abandonment of an animal.
The dog, named Roxy, was seen by Valhalla Animal Hospital veterinarian John Credaroli, who described the dog’s condition as one of the worst examples of neglect he has ever seen. The dog’s coat was matted and saturated in urine and feces to the extent that she suffered burns on her feet and peri-anal area from the urine. She had to be sedated so that a groomer could remove the matting.
The seven-year-old dog also suffered from inflamed gums and rotten teeth as well as overgrown nails that were growing into the pads of her paws.
Due to the amount of hair grown around her ears, it is believed Roxy was unable to hear.
The dog has already been adopted, said Lungaro.

Roxy is in much better shape now and has been adopted
Photo from SPCA Westchester Facebook page)


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