Poughkeepsie officials on edge with string of shootings


POUGHKEEPSIE – Between June 28 and July 3, six days, five shootings left four wounded and one dead in Poughkeepsie. 
Police Captain Steven Minard told the Common Council Monday night investigating these incidents present some challenges.
“They’re not on a particular shift’ they’re not in a particular area,” Minard noted.  “They’re scattered, which makes them a little more difficult to address.  Even though that is the case, we’ve had extra patrols since July 1st, in the form of street patrols that are concentrated throughout the community, including our identified hotspots.  Both random and directed patrols.”
Minard gave some reassurance about the perceived general threat by saying these do not appear to be random shootings.  The victims, he said, appear to have been targeted. 
He also said the investigation, so far, has not clearly indicated the shootings are gang-related.
Councilman Joseph Rich suggested bringing in help from Dutchess County and even state in the investigation.
“We’re already doing that,” Minard said. 
So far, no arrests have been made in any of the latest shootings.