Lowey calls on NRC to conduct full investigation into Indian Point transformer fire


WASHINGTON – Congresswoman Nita Lowey
(D, NY17) Wednesday called on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to conduct
an investigation into the transformer fire at the Indian Point nuclear
power plant last Saturday evening. She also called for a release of information
pertaining to fire safety exemptions that have been provided.

Lowey said the NRC “must conduct its own thorough investigation
into the factors that led to the most recent fire, and release details
of safety exemptions provided to Indian Point. She said it is “vital
that everything be done to ensure the safety of the surrounding area.”

The fire resulted in the leakage of transformer oil that then overflowed
its containment unit and ran into the Hudson River creating a sheen that
was expected to dissipate. Environmental remediation was being conducted
on the river to contain any potential contamination.

In a letter to the NRC, Lowey said this incident is the latest in a “long
history of safety lapses.”

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