Grand jury clears Clarkstown police officer in shooting death



NEW CITY – A Rockland County grand jury has cleared the police
officer who shot and killed Vincent Cordaro on February 8 in a house at
67 North Little Tor Road in New City after the man held police at bay
for hours, firing a high-powered rifle at officers.

The grand jury found the officer’s action was justified as defined
by New York State criminal law in shooting and killed Cordaro.

District Attorney Thomas Zugibe released the announcement and grand jury
report on Thursday, April 9, what would have been Cordaro’s 58th

Grand jury proceedings are secret, but Zugibe released results of an independent
investigation conducted by his office.

During the seize, Cordaro fired an estimated 10 to 15 shots with a scoped
308 caliber rifle and made verbal threats of injury to officers. He was
reported to be intoxicated and threatened to shoot family members.

The officer who killed Cordaro is a 47-year-old who has been on the Clarkstown
force for 16 years.

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