Council members lock horns over jobs initiative in Newburgh


NEWBURGH – Councilwoman Gay Lee and Mayor Judy Kennedy got into a shouting match at Monday night’s Newburgh City Council meeting over Lee’s submission of proposed legislation creating a jobs development initiative.
The two women, both Democrats, are running for mayor this fall.
Lee insisted on reading her entire resolution as Kennedy continually banged her gavel calling on her to stop. In the end, Lee finished reading her proposal, which was eventually tabled for further discussion.
Kennedy maintained proper procedure was not followed to place it on the agenda.
Councilman Cedric Brown said the lawmakers have been working on a better plan for some time.
But, Lee said something must be put on paper.
“The council in its infinite wisdom could go put something in writing,” Lee said.  “You have a plan; put your money where your mouth is and stop saying, ‘I am going to tell you and we have been talking about it’. We write the legislation for the city.”  
The council vowed to discuss the issue at its workshop session next week.

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