Coast Guard comes to the rescue of tug stuck in thick Hudson ice


Crew members from the Cutters Line and Willow worked with a
commercial tug to free the Maryland
  (USCG photo)

WEST POINT – A tugboat stuck in thick ice in the Hudson River off West Point had to be rescued by two Coast Guard vessels and a commercial tug Wednesday.
The tug Maryland, which was transiting 26,929 barrels of home heating oil to Newburgh, notified the Coast Guard that it was stuck at 3 a.m.  The Coast Guard “Line” arrived around 8 a.m. and began to break up the ice around the Maryland.
Maryland crewmembers contacted tugboat Jason Reinauer for assistance in breaking the ice around the vessel and when it arrived, it began to push the Maryland while the cutter Line broke up ice around the vessel’s hull.
Cutter Willow arrived around 10 a.m., widened the track of open water so the cutter Line and tug Jason Reinauer could get the Maryland back underway.
The Maryland was stuck in the ice for more than five hours. 

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