“Catastrophic” water main break in Kingston


KINGSTON – A catastrophic water main break has all but crippled the Kingston water system.
The break, which occurred around 11 a.m. Monday, is believed to be along a section of the city’s transmission main that runs between the water treatment plant in Zena and the city’s Binnewater Reservoir in the Town of Ulster.  The transmission line runs along Sawkill Creek and some sections are not readily accessible and must be inspected on foot.
City staff were able to get the treatment plant back online and produce water at a reduced rate.
Throughout the incident, the city has been meeting all water quality standards and is safe to drink, officials said.
For a handful of city water customers in the Town of Ulster, they are advised to boil their water for cooking and drinking.
For the duration of the emergency, the Town of Ulster Water District has voluntarily disconnected from the city system and will be supplying its customers from their own treatment system. There are no restrictions in that system. 

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