Over $900,000 in Dutchess unified transportation plan funding slotted for this year


POUGHKEEPSIE – The draft 2015-2016
Poughkeepsie-Dutchess County Transportation Council will be receiving
over $900,000 in federal planning funds to support its activities.

County Transportation Program Administrator Mark Debald said the bulk
of the money will be applied toward one particular project.

“The major work item for us for this year is the long range metropolitan
transportation plan, which is a long range strategic vision for Dutchess
County,” he said. It is updated every four years and looks at a
25-year look into the future, crossing different modes – highways,
bridges, transit, pedestrian and bicycling.
The funding will also be used to complete the Upper Route 9G Corridor
Management Plan in the Red Hook-Tivoli area, completing the county-wide
traffic count program, and assisting communities with their local transportation
planning needs.


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