Tyner threatens to take open government another step forward


POUGHKEEPSIE – When Dutchess County Legislator Joel Tyner’s proposal to create a special website to post open county government information failed in committee last Thursday, he did not take it lying down.
The Democrat lawmaker, who wanted the new website to be similar to the
Open Raleigh site, said it would have been separate from the official
county site.  But, when legislators in committee, rejected a proposal
to evaluate the cost and feasibility of such a site, Tyner said he would
move forward on his own.
“I am going to launch opendutchess.org or some other URL like that so that people who live in Dutchess County that if the people in this room don’t want to allow people in Dutchess County to have direct input 24/7/365, into their county government,” he said. “It’s not our country government, it’s their, 300,000 people in Dutchess County, who should be able to interact and have input in their county government as much as possible.”
The proposal to consider such a website was defeated in committee with 10 lawmakers voting against it and two in favor.  

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