Woman rescued after falling through river ice


PORT JERVIS – An 18-year-old woman,
who had fallen through the ice in the Neversink River off Port Jervis
Tuesday morning, was rescued by two first responders.

Police Officer Michael Decker, a 12-year veteran of the Port Jervis force
arrived on the scene within minutes and located Alessandra Maida of 4
North Maple Avenue in the water. She was stuck about 20 feet from the

Decker climbed down an embankment and used a rescue disk flotation device
in an attempt to rescue Maida.

Port Jervis Deputy Fire Chief James Rohner arrived on the scene and assisted
Decker by supplying an additional rescue rope.
Decker was able to reach Maida with the rope and bring her to shore safely.

Additional police and fire personnel assisted in bringing her up the embankment
and to a waiting Port Jervis Volunteer Ambulance Corps vehicle. She was
transported to Bon Secours Hospital for treatment.



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