Consultant to study expanded sewer capacity in Orange County


GOSHEN – Orange County has hired Delaware Engineering to prepare a facility plan to study enlarging treatment capacity at the Harriman sewer plant from six million to nine million gallons per day.
Two years ago, the county legislature appropriated $925,000 to fund preparation of a wastewater facility plan and two years before, voted to expand the boundaries of Sewer District 1 to include the Camp LaGuardia property.
County Executive Steven Neuhaus said the results of the study should expedite future development of Camp LaGuardia, which is under contract with the county by the Mountco company.
“It could move forward as proposed as a housing development, if that is what the local governments want, or one of the alternatives that I proposed was to have a commercial park there,” he said. “So, either way, by facilitating sewer to that project and that site is now allowed to move forward.”
Neuhaus noted that the Camp LaGuardia redevelopment contract depends on adequate sewer capacity being available.

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