Dutchess is “freeze compliant’ for property taxpayer rebate checks

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POUGHKEEPSIE – Dutchess County’s tax freeze certification has been submitted to the state comptroller’s office, ensuring STAR eligible taxpayers in the county will receive a property tax credit rebate check in the fall as a result of the county’s 2015 budget property tax levy reduction.
Taxing jurisdictions must certify that they are “freeze compliant” no later than January 21, 2015. For local governments to be “freeze compliant,” the adopted budget must not exceed the tax levy limit.
The county’s $110.8 million property tax levy is more than $3.3
million below the 2015 tax levy limit. The adopted budget includes the
largest property tax levy reduction in 14 years, ensuring residents would
be eligible for the state property tax freeze rebate check in the fall
of this year.\