Supports Schmitt

Cornwall is lucky to have Assemblyman Colin Schmitt representing us. I want to thank you for highlighting in recent articles the bipartisan work and dedication of

Republican Party defers to Trump World

I did some online research to get our national debt numbers. When Trump took office our national debt was $19.9 trillion dollars. Since then our

Westchester voting machines

We understand that the Westchester Board of Elections is seeking to purchase Dominion ImageCast Evolution (ICE) voting machines. Because these machines present a number of

Decline of Democracy

Today in America we live in a semi-dictatorship. I say this because we have a president who has surrounded himself with incompetent people who offer

Praises Schmitt

There are a lot of nervous officials out there because of Assemblyman Colin Schmitt. Our area has not seen the type of dedication and enthusiasm

Ulster needs a real Comptroller

There are 23 counties in NYS that have Charters, only 8 of these have Comptrollers. The reason that our Charter included a comptroller was predominately

Poughkeepsie concerns

Poughkeepsie concerns We are moved to write this letter to express our concern over recent comments regarding the safety and well being of our City