Hochul signs law to limit robocalls

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ALBANY – A bill signed into law by Governor Hochul on December 6 is designed to help recipients of robocalls opt out of receiving future telephone solicitations.  The law goes into effect on March 6, 2023.  The law requires that telemarketers provide the call recipient with the opportunity to have their name placed on a do-not-call list at the beginning of the conversation.

The old law did not require the callers to offer the option until the very end of the call.  Most consumers that receive calls from telemarketers do not stay on the call long enough to be given the chance to be added to the list.

Telemarketers will be required to give consumers the option to be added to a do-not-call list at the beginning of any solicitation call, immediately after the caller provides their name and the identity of the person or organization that the caller is representing.