Port Jervis City Council continues to work on 2023 budget

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PORT JERVIS – Expenses have risen in 2022, but with belt tightening, the Port Jervis City Council continues to work on the 2023 budget at only $1.6 million over this year’s.

Part of the almost 25 percent increase in costs is due to the city’s financial commitment it must cover for the relining of sewer lines, said Mayor Kelly Decker.

“Also understanding that we have the State Environmental Facilities Corporation loan and $5 million grant that we just received, we have a commitment to do those sewer lines,” he said. “That was a $99 million project that we brought down to $20 million, so that’s where a little bit of this increase is also seen.”

The $20.5 million budget will increase property taxes by just under eight percent, but before it is adopted, another workshop session will be held.