Ryan and Schmitt offer views on Social Security

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HUDSON VALLEY – Democratic Congressman Pat Ryan (NY-19) and his Republican challenger, Assemblyman Colin Schmitt disagreed over the future of Social Security on Monday during a virtual debate hosted by the AARP and the Empire Report.

The AARP sponsored the debate with the Empire Report to address issues the AARP says are vital to those aged 50 and older.  The two men were both asked what they would do to protect the earned Social Security benefits for the future.

Assemblyman Schmitt (R-New Windsor) responded first, saying “Social Security is a promise made between generations. It is critical that we preserve, increase, and strengthen Social Security. I will ensure that not a single day is added to the retirement age and not a single dollar is decreased from Social Security.”

Ryan’s response to the question included the claim that the National Republican Senate Campaign Committee has put forth “very dangerous and alarming proposals,” regarding Social Security, adding the plans will “Either sunset or privatize Social Security.”

After the debate, Ryan issued a statement reiterating his debate comments. “The Colin Schmitt/GOP healthcare plan has explicitly called for sunsetting and privatizing social security, which would leave millions of Americans vulnerable,” adding “Given how much economic pressure we are under, this radical GOP plan puts Americans at deadly risk.”

Congressman Ryan told Mid-Hudson News that he supported the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022, signed into law by President Biden on August 16, 2022.  The law, Ryan said, has many benefits to individuals on Social Security and/or Medicare including lowering prescription drug costs for people on Medicare and capping the cost of insulin for diabetics.

The 30-minute debate can be viewed by clicking here.