A guide to the new crypto already worth billions

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Communicated Content – The internet computer entered the crypto world in May 2021. Since then, the new cryptocurrency has made it to the top ten list. Internet computer pride stood among Ethereum and Bitcoin. The Internet computer had a different purpose than the other crypto, so it gained prominence quickly. If you are interested in discovering more about this cryptocurrency, this post shares helpful information. 


The popularity of internet computer

ICP or internet computer is a cryptocurrency that allows for designing sites and apps. Dfinity Foundation is the creator of this digital token. According to them, this token has the power to challenge giants in the online world, such as Google and Facebook. Crypto has a unique goal hence its popularity. ICP has the potential to recreate the web while keeping a decentralized approach. With this, the ICP can run new versions of the existing apps available.

In the future, ICP won’t be considered solely as a digital token. Instead, it will be more of a network empowered by blockchain that will be used to run apps. Due to this, its demand is expected to grow.



With many cryptocurrencies available on the market, investors might wonder which ones to turn to. Typically, they would go for the ones with a higher goal. With so many advantages, ICP has gained popularity for a quick time. In addition, we go deeper into each.

ICP has enormous potential, thanks to its speed. It will also decrease costs related to computing. With this, the founders have stated that the token will gain huge prominence.

Another factor that gives investors hope is that major companies back up the ICP. On the other hand, the projected prices for the future note a drastic rise.


Unique features

Every digital token has a specific purpose. The goal of ICP differs from the rest, making this crypto unique. It isn’t only considered a currency but also a tool for creating software through blockchain technology. Anyone can create an app with this token, which is why it has become so popular.

The ICP operates on dedicated hardware and is decentralized. While other digital tokens run on a cloud, this isn’t the case with ICP. On the other hand, its operations are pretty fast. Other cryptocurrencies might take up to half an hour to complete the transaction, which isn’t the case with ICP.

Given the popularity of this digital token, there is one thing that surprises many. The ICP might be tricky when it comes to trading. Keep in mind that you can’t trade it in every exchange. The most prominent platforms allow ICP trading, so you must stick with them.

Binance and Coinbase are the top popular choices that allow you to work with this crypto. Remember that Coinbase offers far more options, as it provides a wide range of services connected to trading. On this platform, users can quickly transfer, sell, or buy ICP. On the other hand, they can also store this digital asset. If you decide to stick with Binance, you can only get to trade the crypto. If you only need trading, you can also try Gate.io as a smaller platform that works with this token.


Final thoughts

The ICP has huge potential, but investors need to be aware of its nature. Trading crypto requires you to have more profound knowledge. If you are investing in crypto, you should always manage the risks and be aware of them. The changing prices are one of the things to consider, so always do deeper research when buying crypto.