Gunfire in Monticello brings out large police response

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MONTICELLO – Back-to-back incidents of gunfire during the day on Tuesday, August 9 and Wednesday, August 10 led to a massive police response in Monticello Wednesday evening.

Approximately 40 law enforcement officers descended on 10 York Avenue in the village after a suspect who allegedly fired a handgun was seen fleeing into an apartment at that location.

Using an exigent search warrant, police entered and secured the building which has been the scene of recent violence.

“When units rolled up to the location to execute the warrant, a gunshot was heard in the vicinity of the residence,” said Sheriff Mike Schiff.  “While the origin of the shot is still unclear and remains under active investigation, the police units at the scene showed amazing restraint.”

The Sheriff’s Emergency Services Unit employed the agency’s armored tactical rescue vehicle, while the Orange County Sheriff’s Special Operations Group used a long-range acoustic device and interior drones, to detect and extract subjects from within the premises. Among the evidence collected in connection with this investigation, police seized a loaded .380 caliber pistol that had previously been reported stolen.

The following individuals were arrested on charges including criminal possession of a weapon:

  • Denarrion Chadwick, 19, whose bail is set at $30,000 cash/$60,000 secured bond;
  • Desaan Clark, 21, whose bail is set at $30,000 cash/$60,000 secured bond;
  • Jasmin Dumas, 22, whose bail is set at $20,000 cash/$40,000 secured bond;
  • Joshua Dumas, 26, whose bail is set at $20,000 cash/$40,000 secured bond; and
  • Trevion Elder, 19, whose bail is set at $20,000 cash/$40,000 secured bond.

A teenager was also arrested and arraigned before the Youth Part of the Sullivan County Family Court pursuant to “Raise the Age” legislation.

Sullivan County District Attorney Meagan Galligan said the warrant is “just one component of a larger, multi-agency effort to disrupt and dismantle the network of individuals whose violent acts threaten the safety of those who live, work and visit Monticello. We hear and share the concerns of Monticello residents who live in fear of gunfire near their homes. I am grateful for our Sheriff’s commitment to join me in bringing together every law enforcement agency affected by this violence, to do the right thing by our community.

Participating in the operation were members Sheriff’s Office, State Police, Village of Monticello Police, Town of Fallsburg Police, Orange County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Homeland Security Investigations and Sullivan County District Attorney’s Office.

The search warrant was prepared by Assistant District Attorney Lisa Bondarenka.