‘Be a Road Hero’ Traffic Safety Campaign: Green Boxes

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KINGSTON – The City of Kingston continues its ‘Be a Road Hero’ traffic safety campaign with a tutorial on how to use the green turn boxes.


On Broadway along the two-way cycle track, you will see green turn boxes at four intersections. These allow cyclists to make turns from the cycle track. They’re called “two-stage turn boxes” because it may take two maneuvers to cross traffic. Watch this helpful video!


Step one: Ride along the cycle track until you get to an intersection with a green box. Stop before the white line and look for the bicycle traffic signal. Stop when the bicycle signal is red.


Step two: When the bike signal turns green, roll into the green box and turn your bicycle the way you want to turn. Look across the street to the traffic signal. Do not cross until it turns green. (Note, users will not see a bike symbol in this signal, only when riding along the length of Broadway)


Step three: When the signal turns green, look both ways and cross with traffic as if you were in a car. Watch for cars turning right and left. Proceed on your way across the intersection to the crossroad.


For more information, visit https://engagekingston.com/be-a-road-hero.