Maloney, House Intel Committee members in Europe assessing Russian invasion of Ukraine

Devastation in Ukraine

WARSAW, POLAND – Hudson Valley Congressman Sean Patrick Maloney (D, NY-18) is in Europe with three other members of the Intelligence Committee meeting with NATO leaders and American troops to reassure unified support in Ukraine’s efforts to repel Russia’s attacks.

Maloney said Putin must fail in Ukraine and the US and NATO are doing everything they can to assist Ukraine in maintaining its independence.

“What he feared most in Ukraine was a successful Slavic democracy embracing western values of freedom and economic growth, and he couldn’t tolerate it,” speaking from Poland on Tuesday, Maloney told Mid-Hudson News. “So, in the end, success in Ukraine is the greatest thing we can do to ensure that Vladimir Putin suffers the consequences of this.”

The House members, Mike Quigley, Peter Walsh, Jason Crow and Maloney all said they would look into reports that the Russians have used banned chemical weapons against Ukrainians. If they are, the lawmakers condemned the actions.

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