City breaks ground on $3.1 million Downing Pond storm sewer project


NEWBURGH – The Downing Pond storm sewer separation and pedestrian improvements project is underway at Third Street in the East End Historic District of the City of Newburgh.

The $3.1 million project, paid for with a loan from the state’s Clean Water Revolving Fund program, will involve installation of a new separate storm sewer pipeline from Downing Park to Johnston Street along Third Street.

The new pipe will intercept stormwater that flows out of Downing Pond and prevent stormwater from flowing into the city’s sewer system where it currently causes combined sewer overflows in the Hudson River.

The project will include reconstructed sidewalks along Third Street and new ADA compliant curb ramps and pedestrian bump-outs using materials that comply with the city’s historic district standards.

Third Street will be completely repaved through the project corridor in the fall.

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