“Redefining Our Downtowns” initiative launched by Skoufis

Senator Skoufis with village officials

CHESTER – State Senator James Skoufis (D, Cornwall) has launched a “Redefining Our Downtowns” initiative on Thursday where he awarded $!00,000 each to the villages of Chester, Washingtonville, Monroe and Woodbury.

The funds will be used for each community to enhance their main streets, said the senator.

“All these communities, while diverse in the types of downtowns they have or they want to have, these $100,000 items are going to improve the visitor experience and most importantly, the resident experience in their downtown,” he said.

Woodbury Mayor Andrew Giacomazza said the village “will be able to make some much-needed visual improvements to our downtown that will boost community pride and put our welcoming spirit on full display for visitors.”

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