Brawl after NFA basketball game was not started by Newburgh players, officials say

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NEWBURGH – A brawl that broke out immediately following a boys basketball game between Newburgh Free Academy and their opponents in Brooklyn last Saturday is believed to have been initiated by players from the other team, Newburgh administrators said. That determination followed review of video recordings of the fight.

The officials said they “recognized occasions where our students made attempts to walk away that should be highlighted.”

The Newburgh administrators said they were “disappointed by the lack of security that was provided at the event and in the future, the district will assess each event and based on need, will provide our own security monitors for our students.”

The administrators said they will continue review the situation “with the other high school students involved after their winter break to further investigate and adjust our determinations if needed.”

They also said they would continue to work “with all of our students about managing their emotions and constructive ways to resolve conflict.”

The video of the brawl can be viewed by clicking below.