Assembly investigation of former governor ‘sets the stage for criminal action’

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Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo

ALBANY – The State Assembly Judiciary Committee report into former Governor Andrew Cuomo establishes his actions while in office could lead to his prosecution, Assemblyman Kevin Cahill (D, Kingston) said Monday.

Cuomo “serially engaged in sexual harassment, was responsible for a hostile work environment, misused public resources and, on multiple occasions, placed his public image above full disclosure and the safety of New Yorkers,” Cahill said, and that sets the stage for possible criminal charges.

“The bipartisan report by the Assembly Judiciary Committee demonstrates that Andrew Cuomo misused his office in a variety of ways,” Cahill said. “It also sets the stage for a criminal action against him and those closest to him who were also responsible for carrying out some of things he did clearly in violation of the law.”

State Senator Sue Serino (R, Hyde Park) said the report makes clear that Cuomo should have been impeached. “For the Assembly to have dragged this process out for a report that only reiterates much of what was already public knowledge when the governor was in office was irresponsible and wrong,” she said.