Municipal unemployment continues to drop

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ALBANY – Everywhere you go in the region, businesses are advertising to hire more workers and that has driven up starting wages and in some cases, has seen sign-on bonuses.

The unemployment rate in the Hudson Valley in September was the lowest it has been since the pandemic hit, at 4.3 percent, and more local municipalities fell below that level in the latest month recorded.

The highest rate of joblessness was in the City of Mount Vernon, at 7.2 percent, followed by the City of Poughkeepsie, at 6.3 percent, and the City of Newburgh, at 6.2 percent.

But, on the lowest end of the spectrum, the Village of Port Chester had a rate of 3.3 percent as did the Town of Rye.

The Town of Mamaroneck had a 3.4 percent rate of unemployment, followed by the Town of Mount Pleasant at 3.5 percent, and the Village of Harrison at 3.6 percent.