Newburgh City Council adopts good cause rental legislation

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NEWBURGH – Following more than two hours of public comment, the Newburgh City Council Monday night voted to adopt a local law that prohibits evictions without good cause.

Those in favor of the law said it will protect renters from being evicted from their apartments. Those opposed said it would hurt landlords.

Six of the seven council members voted immediately after the hearing to adopt the law. Councilman Robert Sklarz said lawmakers should take time to digest the comments before voting on it.

“It shows to me that the decision was cooked and we didn’t listen to both sides and consider both sides carefully. It’s disappointing to me. I don’t think it’s doing due diligence to hold the vote tonight,” he said.

Havng said that, Sklarz abstained from casting a vote one way or the other.

Whether the vote came Monday night or at the next meeting,

Whether the vote came Monday night or at the next meeting, Corporation Counsel Michelle Kelson said a local law could always be challenged in court.