Challenger calls for Wallkill supervisor to resign

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TOWN OF WALLKILL – Following an outburst where Democratic Wallkill Town Supervisor Frank DenDanto cursed at Town Comptroller Toni Tracy in vulgar terms, and them attempted to explain his language by repeated use of the same vulgarities, Republican supervisor candidate George Serrano, Tuesday, called for his resignation.

DenDanto called Tracy a “motherf…r,” something he denies having said, and then seeks to explain his use of that word and “f…k” as the way he talks.
(DenDanto outburst at Tracy)


(DenDanto explains his use of language one week later)

Serrano said that is just totally unacceptable language.

“He committed an abuse of power and this behavior is not acceptable in any workplace. The Town of Wallkill needs better. I hope the voters remember this offensive behavior on election day,” Serrano said.

DenDanto’s fellow Democratic town board member Eric Valentin has also called for his resignation.

Tracy, meanwhile, has filed a formal complaint against DanDento and the town with the New York State Division of Human Rights.