Trauma team assists at high school after student’s death

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POUGHKEEPSIE –  Following the tragic death of an Arlington High School student Friday night, Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro has directed the Department of Behavioral & Community Health’s (DCBH) Trauma Team to provide support and assistance to students, staff, and others who are struggling with the impact of the tragedy.    The Trauma Team was available Saturday at the Arlington High School Library. 

DBCH will continue to work with Arlington Central School District in the coming days to provide support and resources.

 On Saturday, Molinaro said “A young life was taken life last night.   Our prayers are with the student’s families and friends as they grapple with this tragedy.   A loss like this has ripple effects throughout the community and many of us need support as we face waves of emotions and try to comprehend what happened.   Dutchess County’s Trauma Team is a valuable resource and will be available for the Arlington community for as long as necessary.”

 Dutchess County 24/7 HELPLINE is also available to call or text 24/7 for support and resources at 845-485-9700.