Police save capsized kayaker from drowning


TOWN OF LLOYD – Lloyd Police, assisted by DEC Police rescued a kayaker who capsized on Chodikee Lake on Wednesday, August 4, around noon.  The individual that called 911 reported that the kayaker was unable to swim.

The responding officers commandeered two kayaks and set out in search of the man, according to Lloyd Police Chief James Janso.  The officers found the 72-year-old Staten Island man clinging to his capsized vessel.  The officers worked to get the paddler back in his boat and towed him back to shore.

Once on dry land, the man was evaluated by medics from Mobile Life Support Services.  No information on the man’s condition was provided.

Chief Janso said that in addition to DEC, his agency was assisted at the scene by the DEP Police, State Police, Ulster County Sheriff’s Office (UCSO), the Highland Fire Department, and the UCSO Dive Team.



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