New York City public advocate supports Catskills Renewable Connector

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NEW YORK – New York City Public advocate Jumaane Williams has announced his support for the Catskills Renewable Connector, a project proposed by Rise Light & Power that would deliver renewable energy from upstate to homes and businesses downstate.

“A renewable deal for New York must center renewable energy and environmental justice, especially for communities left behind by economic advancement or victimized by environmental abuses,” said Williams. “As we work to transform and revitalize our power grid citywide, it’s critical to prioritize racial equity in renewable energy, and the Catskills Renewable Connector would be an essential component of a renewable New York. We cannot choose between economic and environmental justice – advancing our city means advancing these principles together, and this project is a great example.”

The project would create a 115-mile, 1,200-megawatt renewable energy transmission line from Greene County to Ravenswood Generating Station in Queens that would deliver clean, affordable wind and solar energy from across upstate to the downstate region.

It is projected to generate $2 billion in economic development and over 5,000 clean energy jobs across the state.