Democratic chairman calls on Schmitt to ‘denounce radical, Qanon House Republicans”

US Capitol

GOSHEN – Orange County Democratic Party Chairman Brett Broge has called on Republican State Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (R, New Windsor) to “stand with cops and denounce the radical, Qanon House Republicans.”

Broge’s comments followed this week’s testimony before a House investigations committee into the January 6 insurrection where police who were beaten and injured defending the Capitol testified about their ordeal. At the same time, Trump supporting Republican House members downplayed the attack.

Schmitt is the announced GOP candidate challenging Democratic Representative Sean Patrick Maloney in the next congressional election.

Broge said Schmitt “cheered on a busload of protestors going to the Stop the Steal rally” in Washington.

“He says he backs cops but remains silent as Republicans disrespect USCP (U.S. Capitol Police) by denying what happened that day.”

Broge said that “heroic law enforcement officers who were beaten, trampled, and injured in the line of duty testified in front of Congress, while the Qanon GOP stood with insurrectionists.”

The Democratic chairman said Schmitt “needs to come clean and tell New Yorkers where he really stands: with the heroic officers who risk their lives every day to keep us all safe or the violent insurrectionists attempting to overthrow our democracy.”

Schmitt spokesman Taylor Weyeneth, meanwhile, called the assemblyman “the most vocal advocate for law enforcement in the Hudson Valley.”
He questioned if Broge “missed the tidal wave of criticism that Sean Patrick Maloney received when he hired two top advisors who have long histories of attacking police officers, calling for police precincts to be burned to the ground, and comparing the police to modern-day slave patrols.”

Weyeneth said if Broge “wants to criticize anyone for their position in law enforcement, he should start with Sean Patrick Maloney.”



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