Vacant Valley View building in need of major repairs

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GOSHEN – The Parry building at the Orange County Valley View nursing home in Goshen has been closed due to code non-compliance since 2008 and the county is exploring what it would take to bring it up to standard for re-use.

The 60,000-square-foot facility formerly housed 108 residents.

The county’s advisory committee learned on Tuesday that virtually every part of the building is in disrepair.

Committee Chairman County Legislator Jimmy O’Donnell wants to know what it would cost to bring it up to code, but Legislature Minority Leader Michael Paduch said they should be focusing on the entire nursing home campus.

“We are supposed to be putting together a master plan. How can he give us a price (for the Parry building) when we don’t have a master plan of what buildings we want there, what we are going to do there, all the other infrastructure is connected to it,” he said. “I think we need to focus on getting what we are going to do with all the properties.”

The county’s end game at Valley View is to determine if under-utilized areas of the property can be put to use for other health-related purposes.