Pearl River library secures state aid for renovations


ALBANY – The State Assembly has granted $25,000 in “bullet aid” to the Pearl River Public Library to assist in its ongoing renovations.

Assemblyman Mike Lawler (R, Pearl River) announced the grant on Monday.

“I’m proud to stand here today in support of public libraries,” said Lawler. “It’s especially meaningful to me to provide my hometown library, the Pearl River Public Library, with a $25,000 grant in addition to the hundreds of millions in funding for public libraries that I supported in this year’s state budget.”

He said public libraries “are part of the lifeblood of our towns, villages, and hamlets, and I’m proud to be a strong supporter of them.”

“With this money, we will be able to not only continue our industry-leading educational and technology programs and events, but also expand our offerings to our Pearl River community. Especially now as we emerge from COVID, children, teens, adults and seniors need the Library as their community and educational center more than ever,” said Eugenia Schatoff, library executive director. “With the imminent catastrophic failure of our building, any monetary aid we receive will help us keep our doors open and our services running. The benefit to the community is beyond measure.”