Weapons cache seized by Hudson City Police

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HUDSON – Four individuals were detained by Hudson City Police Thursday afternoon after an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle and a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun were observed inside a vehicle in a parking lot at Hudson Terrace Apartments.

Police obtained a search warrant for two vehicles and seized a defaced Ruger .380 handgun with six rounds of ammunition in the magazine. Police are tracing the origin of the weapon.

Also seized was a defaced Ruger 9mm handgun with seven rounds in the magazine. The gun was reported stolen in North Carolina.

Police also seized an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle with ammunition, an AK-47 semi-automatic rifle with ammunition, and a 12-gauge shotgun with ammunition.

One underage youth was in possession of over $1,400 in cash.

The Columbia County District Attorney’s Office, State Police, and Columbia County Sheriff’s Office assisted in the investigation.

“HPD has been working diligently to quell the violent acts that have alarmed our city over the past several weeks,” said Chief L. Edward Moore. “I am thankful for the experience of our supervisors and skill of our patrols that moved in and safely made these arrests. These young people felt so bold as to handle and possess a small arsenal of weapons in broad daylight, in a neighborhood where families live.”

He said he is “convinced that we averted another violent act and in all likelihood saved a life today.”