Drugs, weapon seized at Ulster Correctional Facility

Prison. MHNN stock photo.

NAPANOCH – Officers at the state’s Ulster Correctional Facility in Napanoch seized nine ounces of synthetic marijuana and five ounces of marijuana during searches at the medium-security prison recently.

An officer also recovered a sharpened metal shank underneath an inmate’s bed while he was packing up the inmate’s belongings.

On Sunday, February 14, the officer was packing the personal items of an inmate who was already in a special housing unit for unrelated disciplinary charges when the officer located the weapon underneath one of the bed legs. It was sharpened on one side and had a handle fashioned out of masking tape.

On Friday, March 12, officers discovered synthetic marijuana, known as K2, and marijuana, while a K-9 was conducting a search of one of the dorms and during the processing of inmate mail.

The K-9 alerted to a refrigerator in the day room of the dorm. Staff discovered three bundles inside a bag in the refrigerator. They also discovered three clear plastic bags and a latex glove tip inside of a second bag in the refrigerator. The contents were identified by investigators as synthetic marijuana and marijuana.

An officer processing a package mailed to an inmate also found three Cheez-It bags with the seals tampered with. They contained marijuana in packages mailed from Brooklyn.

Chris Moreau, Mid-Hudson Region Vice President of the New York State Corrections Officers PBA, blasted the state prison system as it “sits idly by and refused to reinstate the Secure Vendor Program, which surely would help reduce the amount of drugs getting into the hands of inmates.”

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