Town of Wallkill offering free microchipping for Fido and Felix


TOWN OF WALLKILL – Seventy-five dog and cat owners in the Town of Wallkill can avail themselves of free microchipping of their dog or cat so if the pet wanders off and is found, the owner can be notified of their pet’s whereabouts.

Police Chief Robert Hertman announced the AKC Reunite program which will cost pet owners nothing.

“Microchips will be implanted by out Animal Control Officer Melanie DiRaimondo during this quick, easy and virtually painless process, the chip is implanted by injection between the pet’s shoulder blades,” he said. “Subsequently, the owner will register the pet with AKC Reunite. Under this grant the implementation and lifetime monitoring is free.”

Hertman expects the program to be so popular that he may ask the town board to fund it on a continuing basis.

AKC provided the $1,500 for the initial microchips, which are the size of a piece of rice.

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