Letter to the Editor: Shooting range bad for the neighborhood

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Dear Editor:

It has come to my attention that the Dutchess County Sheriff’s Office and the Camp Nooteeming Boy Scout Camp are in discussion to build a law enforcement firearms range on the camp property. This is upsetting news, as another range already exists on the corner of Davis and Tinkertown.
This causes noise and disturbance to our community.  Another one would add to this disorder. Gunfire arouses fear when heard by the children, adults, and visitors on Davis Road. Another range would also devalue our property and that of our neighbors.  I believe that in all of Dutchess County there are other venues that would better suit the needs of the Sheriff’s Department. There is no need to further infringe on what we originally purchased and wanted peaceful, safe, bucolic, quiet surroundings.
As a taxpayer and a registered voter, I am opposed to this Range being put in place at this location and insist you find a more appropriate setting.
As the grandparents of a scout… please honor our request and choose another site.
James J O’Neill
Salt Point NY