Poughkeepsie mayor concerned with COVID-19 spike


POUGHKEEPSIE – Mayor Rob Rolison is just getting over a case of COVID-19 himself, and the Poughkeepsie official is concerned about the increase on cases across the region, state and nation.

He echoed the concerns of Governor Cuomo that people cannot let their guard down even though they may have COVID fatigue.

“If we don’t sort of pick it up a little bit and be extra diligent and be extra smart, we could be in big trouble and you what is the scary part, the public’s health, obviously, but also the economic downturn that could happen as pause and shutdowns happen that our small businesses are just not able to sustain again,” he said.

Dr. Anthony Fauci told Cuomo during a news conference call on Monday that New York has been following the right course throughout the pandemic.