Restaurant opened during pandemic is thriving

Flowers, Johnson, Gayle, and Rolison.

POUGHKEEPSIE – Sea Side Take Out opened for business in the midst of the pandemic and has been growing since the doors first opened. The restaurant, as the name suggests, offers a variety of seafood lunches and dinners.

Owner Clayon Gayle says that his timing was not the best but he was willing to take the chance to pursue his dream.  Located at 104 Smith Street on the north side of Poughkeepsie, the restaurant has received praise from members of the Poughkeepsie Common Council.

The establishment is located in the third ward represented by Lorraine Johnson on the council.  Smith Street is the borderline that separates wards between Johnson and Yvonne Flowers who represents the fifth ward.  The two council members invited Mayor Rob Rolison to the restaurant this week to formally welcome Gayle to the neighborhood.

“This is a black-owned business in my neighborhood that opened just a few months ago, during the pandemic, and is surviving,” said Flowers. Stressing the need to help small, locally-owned businesses in the city, Flowers added “The city needs to continue to support our local businesses and help our community thrive, especially during these challenging times.”

Shrimp and grits at Sea Side Take Out.

“Poughkeepsie has great places to eat and I wanted to add to the variety of options available to people that want great food,” said Gayle, adding “I have a passion for cooking and I wanted to share my passion with the city.”  Councilmember Johnson agreed with Gayle’s statement.  “This food is absolutely delicious,” said Johnson.  “The city needs people like Mr. Gayle who are willing to invest in the city and help us grow together.”

Mayor Rolison sampled the shrimp and grits from the menu on Thursday.  “They are out of this world good,” proclaimed Rolison.  “Having a city resident step up and take a chance during the pandemic is a testament to Poughkeepsie’s renaissance.  This city is moving forward and businesses like Sea Side are the driving force behind our continued progress.”

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