How Does America Recover From Covid-19?


The global pandemic caused by Covid-19 has of course ripped through the global economy without any remorse and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. One of the worst economies to be hit has been that of the US market with the US Economy shrinking by a record 32.9% in Q2 of the year which is the worst deficit on record with it shrinking by            -32.9% which is three times the previous record of -10% set back in 1958. But how do the US recover from this? 

Coronavirus: US economy sees sharpest contraction in decades - BBC News

[Image: BBC]

With the upcoming elections looking more important than ever to us US citizens in ensuring we have the right leader in place to lift our country out of this depression and to attempt to put some faith and belief back into us. However, with many of the American public looking at the main candidates of Joe Biden and Donald Trump and see them bickering in the first Presidential Debate isn’t was we need in this time of need and need a strong leadership to take them out of the misery.

The first point of call for the next President will have to be sorting out the unemployment in the country, with it currently 51 million Americans being unemployed back in July. However, this isn’t going to be easy with spending cuts and falls in confidence ensuring that businesses are having to cut back on their biggest cost, labour. With this unlikely to change overnight, American’s are hoping to be supported by the new government moving forward with support packages. 

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